Phil Norman's Ghost - Elusive Combat Instructor Course


What is Ghost?

The Ghost System is an elusive combat system designed for all forms of sport martial art, where the rules allow you to stand and strike. What makes this system stand out from others is that it takes an unorthodox approach which will enable you to match a fighter, who has better physical attributes and a higher skill set in the more regular styles of stand up!  This is great news, for example, if you have spent years working on your ground game and want to get a good stand up game going quickly. It is also a massive asset to have in your arsenal when you come up against a fighter who is beating you and you need to switch to plan B!

This unique system has been developed over a decade of study, research and competition fighting at the highest level.

Why Ghost?

Do you like getting punched in the face?  Ghost focuses on developing dynamic elusive movement first and striking second!  This is because the shapes made from this unorthodox style mean the usual hitting techniques have to give way to new and unusual striking angles!  The Ghost principle of constant movement also makes sure that your will develop a much higher level of fitness, so even if fighting not your game the health benefits from Ghost training are HUGE!

Who Ghosts?

Everyone!!!!!  We have juniors starting at 5 years old, we have keep fitters, fat burners, pad hitters, martial artists and experienced fighters who are getting a Ghost overhaul.  Internationally, Ghost has been in high demand and seminars have already been delivered in the U.S.A, Spain, Germany and Norway.

Where can I Ghost?

Our Instructor program is enabling more and more people to get access to qualified Ghost Instructors, and not just in the UK!  We will also soon have an online training program for those who cannot get to a class but want to start Ghosting! Click for Training